New Year, New Me, Old Resolutions

Forgive me for being sceptical and doubting the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing, but I have a slight problem with it; posted all over Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter and every other social media site in existence are the words ‘Happy New Year’ followed closely by ‘New Year, New Me’. Why?

For a whole year people grumble over the woeful happenings in their everyday lives and for a whole year we vow that next year will be the year that we turn things around, make a difference and be the person we want to be. A whole year. It takes us a year to decide what we’ll do the next year, and the next, and the next and so on and so forth. A whole year gone by thinking of the next one and not focusing on the days that are flying by in this year.

Now, while I actually harbour a love for the concept of starting afresh and making improvements, I find it strange to think that it’s just that: a concept. Because who really starts up jogging on January 1st? Who does put a note in a jar everyday reminding themselves of something happy? I know I don’t, and I know that the people I know don’t.

It’s not a bad thing, really, just a thing. It just happens; we promise ourselves and each other that, with the new year, we’ll do all of these amazing things and that by the end of the year we’ll have little to no reservations, but along the way we forget and life goes on and suddenly we’re back to December 31st saying the same things we said 365 days before. The end and beginning of years are always the same, and yet they’re still a beautiful stage in our lives because, for one night, the whole world has the same spark of hope. It really is wonderful, because the whole of Earth is united, once a year, in a universal mentality to change things for the better.

I really do love it.

But then January comes around, along with the hangovers and then stress of school and work and life and that little spark dims and dims until, by halfway through February, we’re all back to how we were. It’s sad.

So this year, instead of making empty promises that you’ll jog a mile everyday and stop eating that leftover chocolate from that thing a few days ago, how about we vow to just make it different from last year? Different in a good way, of course, and sure, cut out the really bad stuff, but just make it different. Make memories and moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life so that, in a decade when we’ve done this cycle a full ten times more, we can look back and go, ‘You know what? I’ve come so far.’

Because, really, we can’t slow down time. We can’t stop it. But we can remember it. We can look backwards and forwards and be happy that each year was different, for both good and bad reasons. And hopefully, when we do remember them all, we will remember them for being amazing because of their differences.

So Happy New Year! May 2016 be as different as possible from 2015.



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