The Beginning 

So, awhile ago I began talking to Daniel, the homeless man at the end of my road. I asked him to take photos of things he saw, where he slept, and just general visual documentation of his life on the streets. He agreed, and I gave him a camera. 

Now, a couple of weeks after that, the photos have been developed! I was so happy when he gave me back the camera, with no space for more photos but now, physically holding his life in my hands, I am beyond overjoyed. 

The photos he took came out in the typical disposable camera style – slightly faded and very candid. I love that about them, and the quality only further emphasises the life captured in moments in these pictures. They’re so much more than I could ever have imagined, and each one has a distinct feeling attached to it, making each incredibly beautiful. 

They hold an immense power, and are absolutely amazing – I am so ridiculously happy that Daniel agreed to help me with this project. 

Now, I want to show him the developed pictures and ask if he minds if I display them in one of the two small window galleries nearby. If he agrees, I would like to try and sell duplicates and use the money to help him and the others in the homeless community – I don’t want prison to be a realistic ideal because it would allow them ‘a warm bed and a decent meal’, like Daniel once said it would be. I want to properly talk to him about what would help him, and use any money I potentially got from the photos to do just that. 

This could be the start of something big, and I am so excited.